About Us

Stepéhen is a digital illustration showcase of Political cartoons and caricatures. The name Stepehen originates from a shower brush my dad gave me with my name carved out of it. But rather than saying Stephen it said Stepehen, becuase like me, my dad cant spell. Once my flatmate noticed it the name stuck and I was from then on called Stepé.

Stepéhen.com is a collection of my past Caricatures and Political cartoons, I started the website to force myself to produce at least one cartoon per week to hone my illustration skills to one day become a digital artist. At the moment I am focusing on Political cartoons, taking inspiration from The Daily ShowLast Week Tonight and The Ben Shapiro Show.

I am the designer for the Political clothing company: Naked Eagle. It allows me to create more realistic caricatures rather than quick Political cartoons which are going to be looked at once and thrown away.