Cupcakes Campaign


Create an ad campaign using the concept of ‘there’s cupcakes, and then there‘s cupcakes. Show that not all websites are created equal and that our sites are better than the competitions.

Client: HiRUM Software Solutions

Date: October, 2016

My Role

Create the entire design using the concept of ‘there’s cupcakes, and then there‘s cupcakes’ which was finalized by the marketing department.

Tools & technologies

Adobe Illustrator to create assets, Adobe Photoshop to create the print ad and web banner. WordPress, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap & jQuery for the webpage.

Print Ad

Full page print ad to appear in an accommodation magazine.

Cupcake Print Ad

Web Page

A simple landing page with the same look and feel as the print ad, for people to request a website.

Cupcake Webpage

Banner Ad

Web banner ad to appear on the accommodation magazines website.

Cupcake banner ad